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moneytreeMoneytree do not look or feel like your average navy cadets but it was boarding at a merchant navy training college, formed from half a jazz band and half a rock band, that Moneytree first came into being. However, once brothers Ollie and Campbell Austin started playing they couldn’t stop, sneaking away to dodge the stifling discipline, shiny shoes and marching-time beats.

That music - their escape – became of hard rock, American indie and early seventies jazz-fusion that’s irrefutably left field and yet, thanks to the likes of Mars Volta and Acoustic Ladyland, still very relevant to today’s musical landscape. Moneytree’s vocals veer from a British bastardising of Jeff Buckley and Cedric Bixler to big, lush harmonies. Instrumentally, they are serene and visceral, retro and progressive, spontaneous and raw yet jaw-droppingly tight, with 5 UK tours (including a support tour with West London prog indie legends Mystery Jets) under their belts.

Haunted Stereo

haunted stereoFollowing their recent single release “Cross the Sea” on Tracks for Amnesty (Aug 09), the band’s latest EP carries on their development with intimate home recordings and natural reverb.

“Cross the Sea” was ‘Track of the Day’ on Q Music in September (“It’s so lovely when you discover something genuinely beautiful”), and has received airplay on Xfm and Radio Reverb amongst others. It also helped to raise funds for Amnesty International, with all proceeds going straight to the charity. The six-piece have decided to follow-up the release with an extended record, showcasing their many facets. As a group of multi-instrumentalists, it is the variety of the compositions and the intricacy of the arrangements that provide an eclectic and exciting listening experience.

Kill Kasper

kill kasperThe sound is aretropsycheledic-indierock-raregroove,a flashback from the early mornings snorting napalm and the late nights loving long time.

Legend says that if you've got a problem no one else can solve, you should google Kill Kasper.


nineninetyninesThe Ninety Ninety Nines have secured a string of impressive support slots, appearing on the same bill as such prestigious names as Jamie T, Jack Penate and Cajun Dance Party. The band has gained a reputation for high-energy live shows, generating the type of audience engagement last witnessed when Carl and Pete were whipping crowds into a frothing frenzy.

This debut single promises to catapult Britain’s best new band into the media’s consciousness and into the hearts of indie kids across the land.

I Dream In Colour

i dream in colourFronted by singer/songwriter Richard Judge, live sessions with BBC Introducing have been recorded as well as radio plays with Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music. Building on this early success, the band played a number of festivals including Camden Crawl, Great Escape, Standon Calling, Wimbledon Calling and Festifeel around the release of their debut EP ‘The Boiler Room’. More recently the band have recorded their latest track, ‘If You’ with legendary producer Phil Tyreman, who has worked with a number of established acts including, Doves, Belle & Sebastian and The Prodigy.


oresteiaMaking big waves on the Southampton scene, Oresteia are six elegantly eccentric barons of eclectic melodramatic musical tales, telling stories of fear, anxiety, pride, lust, yearning, confusion and more between and beyond. These are the foetal brain-children of Darrell Swainston and Jed Carr; two eclectic barons or melodramatic, theatrical musical eccentricities if ever twere a truth to be known.

Origami Dinosaur

Brighton band Origami Dinosaur is the union of four distinct musical minds, inherent in each is a wide eclecticism and passion for all things delicious and divine. Their music embraces Funk, Swing, Gypsy, Reggae, Doo Wop and good times Rock n Roll. Unhinged, unapologetic and absurdly fun!

Suicide Party

suicide partyIf you live in Southampton and you don't know Suicide Party then you're clearly either a recluse or deaf. The gazing scope of this cutting-edge contemporary pysch-goth outfit shows that you don't have to reside in Brick Lane to be 'cool' or 'a buzz band' because these guys (and one girl, Alice) are both. Psychotically creative and lavishly intense on stage, S.P are a spectacle to behold.


supernovasThe Supernovasare a 4-piece from North London. They have been playing together since the tender age of 16, tearing up stages the length and breadth of the country. In January 2009 The Supernovas signed to London label, 360 Degree Music and pretty much before the ink on the contract was dry the band recorded their debut single,Ace Face, a damning indictment of a typical lowlife coke dealing blagger, backed with the blistering,Sgt. Major.

The Family

the familyThey say: "Swaggering, Bourbon-drenched, Cosmic Country for bow-legged women". Others say: "The whole set swaggered and bubbled under the surface like a moody Clint Eastwood. The band were tight. The sound of the slide guitar held everything together expertly and even the introduction of a violin did not make the stage feel over-crowded..."

Ancient Shamans

ancient shamansSinger-songwriter Sam Ashton formerly of The Whisky Mystics put together Ancient Shamans with guitarist Daniel Housego and drummer Kieran Dunne. The resulting heady mix of blues, rock and funk delivers the perfect musical backdrop to Sam Ashtons powerful and thought provoking lyrics. They work hard in the rehearsal studio on new material and recorded their first, all original, CD in early March 2010. Since their first gig in February 2010 the band have continued to promote themselves playing live shows across the south.

Forest Floors

forest floorsForest Floors are a no-nonsense indie rock band whose unique style stands them out from the crowd.The blend of gritty vocals and raw melodic riffs that flow through each track combine to form their own distinctive pithy urban rock sound, making them a must see band.

Morphic Fields

morphic fieldsThe Morphic Fields originally started life as a side project, utilising the vocal talents of Dan Baker and exploring the musical ideas of Stuey G, but it wasn’t until the arrival of Dan Owers on bass and Phil Crouch on drums that the band took on a whole new level. Propelled by such a strong rhythm section and encouraged by the glowing reception received from the new line up’s early shows, the band went from strength to strength with a growing reputation for spectacular live shows and memorable songs.

zoo in the skyZoo In The Sky

Zoo In The Sky are a Ska / Reggae band based on the South Coast of England fronted by one of the most talented 15 year olds you'll ever see.

Nat Jenkins

natLondon singer-songwriter Nat Jenkins is a regular on the Strummerville touring circuit, regularly playing all the big festivals around the country. His début single ‘Message’ was released last year, with b-side ‘Lost And Lonely, featuring The Kooks singer Luke Pritchard. To put it simply, Nat will blow you away. Literally.

dog houseDoghouse Boat Boys

Featuring members of The Mopes, the bluegrasss/country inspire Doghouse Boatboys sing songs about chicken pie and are guaranteed to get everybody in the house dancing.


Lush, melodic electro field music, this alternative electro band are new on the scene, but anybody who was at the recent Pulse festival would have fallen in love with them. So will you.

Remnant Psyche

remnantRemnant Psyche is the musical outlet for ex-Rival Joustas drummer Morgan Hislop. Where his ex-band mates are flexing musical muscles with fat, psychedelic rock jams courtesy of Science Of 8 Limbs or folky poetic prose by Thos Henley, it is no surprise to learn that Morgan has also opted to stay true to what he knows best and go down the artistic route. Remnant Psyche are the audio equivalent of the Tate Modern being thrown into a blender with a box of Nintendo classics! Take from it what you will, but have fun with it at the same time.

To try and describe each track individually would take the best part of a day. Suffice to say, that listening to Technic Drake is a richly rewarding experience. Pianos intertwine with synth pads. Live drums clash with sampled drum breaks and splashes of vocal samples lifted from all manner of sources are there to excite and stimulate.

arp attackArp Attack

Previously known as Jazica, Arp Attack have been compared to the likes of Delphic and Friendly Fires (and with a hint of The Killers circa 2005), they’re more upbeat and optimistic than the former two bands whilst at the same time fusing some killer guitar solos over waves of synthetic beats. Singer Frankie’s voice is lush and easily recognisable in the same vein as Katie White’s from The Ting Tings and Lovefoxxx from CSS.

fly frankie flyFly Frankie Fly

Described by none other than Rob Da Bank as 'indescribable' after plays on hos Radio 1 show, Fly Frankie Fly have rapidly made a name for themselves this year, with respected slots at the Pulse Festival and a support slot with Example at Portsmouth Pyramids, where they had the a packed crowd eating out of their hands. Bring some glo-sticks and get ready to rave.


subgiantAnother band that Rob da Bank has regularly raved about and regulars on the festival scene (including headline slots at both Endorse It In Dorset and Blissfields Festivals this summer, Da Bank says “Subgiant are a live act to check, electronic beats and bloops at their finest”. Worthy headliners of any stage, we're delighted to have them bring the Oxjam Southampton Takeover to a close in perfect party style.

Poetry with Papa Jon

Early afternoon poetry with a legendary poet, famous around these parts in the seventies and eighties – a real treat for poetry fans.


beatitudesA fusion of Soul, Dance, R'n'B, Rock and all that Jazz; Christian keeps the beat while Taz creates the groove, Scott brings the noise and Liam and Jack take the microphones... A sound steeped in harmony and orchestration. Music for people that LOVE music..... So enjoy and remember..... Share the load and speak your mind.

Sam Ziggy

Sam Ziggy may be new on the scene, but the seventeen year old singer-songwriter certainly knows how to entertain a crowd. Witty songs about superheroes, the weather and jumpers, with excellent banter inbetween, Sam is definitely a name to watch out for in 2011.

The Common (Acoustic)

the commonPioneers of 'Geek-Hop', The Common came together at the start of 2009 after the four guys met at a local open mic night run by Mike Brown the singer/MC and Richard Berner the guitarist. After playing what was thought to be a one-off gig with drummer Scott Walker & bassist Neil Downton, the band thought they should play together more often.

The common play a mixed style of indie, hip-hop & rock. While other rappers sing about women & money, The Common write about what they know best. Being skint, evading sobriety and more importantly...comic books.

May Day

may dayThe may-Day duo consists of Dan on lead vocals, piano, Marty on guitar and backing vocals and Ali on percussion. Formed back in October 2009 after performing together on a college music course, the first show was booked and performed that very same month and had a welcoming response from the promoter, landlord and locals. May-Day have brought their experiences, influences and passion for music together to produce some modern acoustic music.

Mr Tom

mr tomMr Tom are a bunch of likely lads from around the New Forest area. They like to go against the grain a bit, which makes for a musically wonderful style. One lad said when he listened to Mr Tom, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. You won't find any tight jeans and scruffy hair cuts. The lads concentrate on writing the best music possible. The style is hard to pigeon hole, but could be described using these words: Accessible, driving, mean, technical, Meldodic. You'd Like it.

porcelain coinsPorcelain Coins

Fronted by the extremely likeable Pablo, this 4 piece really are making a names for themselves, not just in their Portsmouth home town, but all around the South Coast.

Ben Dlugokecki

dlugokecki'Dlugokecki' is a musical project fronted by Ben Dlugokecki (pronounced- Der-loo-go-ken-ski) - An extraordinarily talented 28 year old prolific singer/songwriter based in Southampton, England. Their music has been compared to the likes of David Gray, Paul Simon, Elbow and Damian Rice. They have played to thousands when supporting million-selling artists such as 'David Gray', 'Snow Patrol', 'Corinne-Bailey Rae', 'The Proclaimers' and 'Lu Lu' on their world tours. Ben will be performing an intimate acoustic set especially for Oxjam.

The Flying Alexanders (acoustic)

flying alexandersSouthamptons longest running punk band The Flying Alexanders are more used to supporting bands like The Damned and Sham 69 or playing warm up slots for DJ's like Don Letts and Alan McGee. Could this be the loudest ever acoustic performance that Southampton has seen?

Alex Dawson

Local comedian, on a small break but back with a special set for Oxjam

The Ukelele Orchestra

How many Ukeleles can you fit onto one stage? At least twenty, at a guess.

Grant Sharkey

Another local comedian, with jokes about why he hates the Oxfam book shop. No, really.

Kunt and The Gang

The Channel 4 Rude Tube star returns from a residency in Edinburgh with a set that will leave your ribs and jaw aching.

Damo The Chav Comic

New on the scene, Damo will be appearing at the National New Comedian of the year at Leicester Square earlier in the day.

Roxy Twirls Burlesque

Roxy and her Rockets have sold out event after event throughout Southampton over the last year or so, and they've promised a special Oxjam treat for everybody.


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